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The Natur House Method

We are committed to providing the dietary advice, supplements and support you need to get the most out of your weight loss efforts. With Natur House you can achieve your weight loss goal and develop positive eating habits to help you maintain a healthy weight.

Our 3-Step Approach

Step 1

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Free Nutritionist Consultations
& Follow-Ups

On your first visit your qualified Nutritionist will complete a full weight analysis using an advanced scales. The scale measures the composition of your body such as water content, fat content and muscle.

Your nutritionist works with you to identify your individual needs, priorities and goals, and to determine a healthy and realistic target weight. You will also discuss your eating habits and existing barriers to weight loss so they can tailor the plans to suit you as best they can.

Your free consultations continue through your weight loss journey. You meet with your Nutritionist once a week and your plan and progress is monitored and tailored as required, dependent on results.

A free diary is provided so you can track your progress.

Step 2

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Meal Plans

A detailed meal plan is provided. This is tailored to your goals and adapted at every meeting depending on the results. The food plan ensures you eat the right foods in the right balance and at the right time, to compliment your weight loss goals. As you progress your nutritionist will give you recipes to help make sure your meals are nutritious, but tasty too!

You can track your meals using your free diary.

Step 3

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Natural Supplements

Natural supplements are at the heart of the Natur House method. Our supplements, formulated with fruit and plant extracts, vitamins and minerals, actively target specific areas which contribute to the carrying of excess weight, and support the body throughout the weight loss process.

Your nutritionist will recommend the most appropriate supplements for you, depending on the weight loss goals and results from the initial body composition analysis.

Like your meal plans, supplement requirements will be tailored during your follow-ups depending on your results and progress.

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