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Helping people around the world to lose weight for more than 25 years, naturally.

Natur House is an internationally recognised brand with over 25 years of experience in dietary re-education and weight management. With origins in Spain and a global presence, we have already advised more than 6.5 million customers worldwide using our unique method, which combines three fundamental pillars designed to promote effective and sustainable weight loss.

Exclusive plant-based dietary supplements are at the heart of our method. These supplements work in conjunction with personalised nutritional plans, which are devised by our qualified nutritionists according to the customer’s needs and goals. We provide free weekly-follow ups to monitor our customers’ progress, and adapt and update programmes and supplements accordingly.

Our mission is to re-educate our customers about healthy eating habits – to show them how to achieve their target weight, and to empower them to maintain it.

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Phone: +353 1 406 2798 Email: rathmines@naturhouse.ie Address: Natur House Ireland, Unit 3C, Swan Shopping Centre, Castlewood Avenue, Rathmines, Dublin 6

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